Welcome to PipeCheck LLC

Trenchless No-Dig pipe inspection, assessment, cleaning, and rehabilitation.

PipeCheck LLC provides sewer, drain, and water pipe inspection & remediation services to municipalities and contractors engaged in the construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure.

Our CCTV inspection fleet serves environmental and industrial applications throughout Kentucky and Tennessee. Each team features integrated systems to complete the entire project on its own.

The Rausch Laser Pipe Profiling system meets the ASTM Standard F3095-14

New Service - Pipe Cleaning

PipeCheck has added a new service: Pipe Cleaning of storm and sanitary sewer. Our Sewer Cleaning Combo Truck uses two systems of cleaning: jetting and vacuuming.

This specialized machine jets water directly into the pipe. The water flushes out the debris lodged in the pipe: everything from stones and bottles to grease, sludge and grime. The air vacuuming system then sucks all the dislodged debris with the water and forces it into the disposal tank.


  • Evaluates new storm drain installations for Kentucky DOT
  • Inspection and repair of damaged pipes for local municipalities
  • Pre and post cross bore safety inspection

Laser Profiling

  • Approve new pipe construction projects
  • Measure precise pipe diameter and deflection
  • 3D Laser pipe profiling
  • Meets the ASTM Standard F3095-14

Pipe Repair

  • Trenchless, permanent, and instantaneous point repair system
  • Rehabilitate damaged storm drains and sewer pipes
  • NSF/ANSI 61 certified for use in potable water lines
  • Meets ASTM F3110-14 Standard